USDA estimates the number of U.S. farm operations with cattle totaled 950,000 for 2009, down 1% from 2008. Beef cow operations in 2009, at 753,000, were also down 1%, while milk cow operations for 2009 totaled 65,000, down 3% from 2008.

Overall, USDA pegs the number of farms in the U.S. in 2009 at 2.2 million, virtually unchanged from 2008. But, total land in farms, at 919.8 million acres, decreased 110,000 acres from 2008. The average farm size is 418 acres, unchanged from the previous year.

Meanwhile, the number of operations with hogs totaled 71,450 for 2009, down 2% from 2008, with operations of 2,000 head or more accounting for 86% of the inventory. And, sheep operations totaled 82,000 for 2009, down 1% from 2008. Goat operations were up by 1% over 2008, numbering 152,000 operations.

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