For Jerry Wulf and his brothers at Wulf Limousin, it was a simple matter of economics. They could keep paying ever- increasing grazing costs, or they could expand their land base and improve efficiencies with their diversified cattle operation.

They bought more land and haven’t looked back.

Wulf Limousin at Morris, MN, is a diversified operation that includes commercial and seedstock cows, a stocker program and a feedyard. Historically, they would buy stockers and place them on a number of custom- grazing operations stretching from the Dakotas through Nebraska and Kansas. That worked well until the value of grass gain began to increase and grazing rates began to get expensive.

“We thought that since we were spending money on increased grazing fees, we might as well put that money toward payments on land,” Jerry says.

The new ranch near McLaughlin, SD, allows them to consolidate their stocker program.

“We like that we’re managing it ourselves,” Jerry says. “We’ve got our own employees, and everything gets done the way we want it. And instead of having 3,000 head spread out over a four-state area, we’ve got them on one, 20,000- acre location where we can monitor them closely. Things are going a lot better.”