Our third annual BEEF Quality Summit is just a month away — Nov. 6-7 in Colorado Springs, CO — and this year's program promises to be a doozy. The theme is “Quality — A Solution to Rising Costs” and features some of the nation's top experts providing participants with background and insight into the considerations, tools and practices that can help producers optimize beef quality as a competitive tactic in these challenging times.

Surveys of attendees of our previous two summits indicate that more than 95% found the programs of high value and would attend another one. This year's program is similarly deep and worthwhile but also extremely timely. Consider these session topics:

  • The long-term effects of rising costs on beef quality, demand and profit.

  • Making country-of-origin labeling work for you.

  • Producer perspectives on managing costs and product quality for profit.

  • A retail panel discussion on balancing beef quality and price in the retail meat case, and what consumers want.

  • A look at the benefits and acceptance of pharmaceutical technologies in beef production.

  • An industry and Washington Beltway look at what the results of the Nov. 4 national elections mean.

On top of that, a special evening program will introduce attendees to the producer winners of BEEF magazine's 2008 Trailblazer and National Stocker Award winners.

It adds up to 1½ days of thought-provoking discussion, plus a trade show, a breakfast, two lunches and a dinner, and it's all available for just a $150 registration fee. I hope you'll join us in Colorado Springs. To learn more and register, visit beefconference.com/ or call 1-800-722-5334, Ext. 14695.

BEEF Daily debuts

Through the years, BEEF magazine has constantly tweaked and retooled to maintain its currency and use for our readers. That has meant expanding beyond our monthly print product to add focused websites such as beefmagazine.com, beefstockerusa.org, beefcowcalf.com and americancowman.com, as well as focused newsletters — BEEF Cow-Calf Weekly, BEEF Stocker Trends, American Cowman Update and, most recently, Nutrient Management.

The intent is to provide our readership of 100,000 cattle-industry professionals with the news and analysis they need to remain informed and competitive in this rapidly changing business landscape. This month, BEEF editors are adding a new wrinkle — we're going daily.

BEEF Daily is an online roundup of beef-industry news and commentary presented each morning from Monday through Thursday. Together with BEEF Cow-Calf Weekly, which is published every Friday afternoon, BEEF Daily provides BEEF readers with daily news updates five days each week.

Serving as BEEF Daily Editor will be Amanda Nolz, 2003 National Beef Ambassador and a fifth-generation rancher from Mitchell, SD. A senior majoring in journalism at South Dakota State University, Amanda already has a long record of advocacy for the U.S. beef industry — producing her own blog — chewingthecud.org — since 2006 and her own weekly radio program, in addition to regular freelancing to beef-industry publications.

Check it out at beefmagazine.com.