Travis Hoffman, Colorado Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) coordinator for Colorado State University (CSU), responds to a negative article about beef.

To Kellie Falbo, executive director of the Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Association:

"I'm writing in regard to your July 12 article published in the (For Collins, CO) Coloradoan titled 'Green Living: Local Meat is Simply Better Meat.' I, myself, share your belief in the importance of animal welfare, the environment, the economy and personal health. However, I wish that you would research the buzzword of 'sustainable meat' before you draw conclusions that are inaccurate and are in stark contrast to what happens on a daily basis with America's farmers and ranchers.

"A little background about myself, I'm a fifth-generation agriculturalist. In fact, I'm certain that my family exemplifies sustainability; my father and grandfather still ranch in South Dakota where my great-great-grandfather started with a passion for cattle and love for the land. They work diligently everyday to provide animal care and husbandry while maintaining an emphasis on environmental stewardship. Now, we can't sell all our beef locally as there are limited consumers.

"Consequently, some of our beef travels through the supply chain and is merchandised in even Colorado supermarkets, and I believe in it. Furthermore, I take your article as a personal attack on my occupation of providing America's consumers with wholesome, tasty, nutrient-rich protein. I'm the Colorado beef quality assurance coordinator, and it is my job to work with ranchers, feedyards, veterinarians, dairies, livestock auction markets, processing plants, etc., to ensure safe, high-quality, consistent beef."

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