A recent Certified Angus Beef news release heralded the work of science journalist Gary Taubes, who makes a compelling case that carbohydrates and low-fat diets may be the cause of much of our nutritional problems. His book, "Good Calories, Bad Calories," is a compelling read, especially as he details how red meat has gotten a bad rap.

Ultimately the concept of their being labeled a “good food” or a “bad food” is fundamentally flawed. A balanced diet and healthy lifestyle isn’t always the most popular thing, but it is probably where we’re heading.

This week I saw an article in Nation's Restaurant News regarding a Chandler, AZ restaurant called the Heart Attack Grill. It’s a marketing concept many in the industry would cringe at, but the outfit’s signature item is an 8,000-calorie burger that features four hamburger patties, 12 slices of bacon, and four types of cheeses; it’s called “the quadruple-bypass” burger. What’s more, the French fries, made with lard, are called “flat liners,” and the waitresses are dressed like nurses. Well, you get the picture.

It might not exactly be promoting a healthy lifestyle, but I'll probably be able to tell you how that single bypass burger tastes.