Producers continue to have a favorable opinion about the Beef Checkoff Program, despite the current economic challenges facing the industry. A representative survey of 1,200 beef producers nationwide found that 68% of producers approved of the checkoff, down from 72% a year ago.

“With negative market conditions we expected that overall approval might drop,” says Richard Nielson, an Ephraim, UT, cow-calf producer and chairman of the Joint Producer Communications Committee.

The late December and early January survey asked producers whether they agreed or disagreed with a series of statements about the checkoff. A large majority, 83%, felt the checkoff program has helped contribute to a positive trend in consumer demand for beef. About the same number believed the program had value in weak economic conditions and were confident the checkoff is on their side during a crisis.

When it comes to their own operation, roughly 70% of respondents felt the checkoff helped contribute to the profitability of their operations. And 64% believed the checkoff program is being managed well. To view the full report, go to: