When looking at a feed tag, there is some information that is mandated by law that the feed manufacturer has to provide on a feed tag. A custom formulated feed would be the only exception to the mandated law. All commercially available feeds have to contain a label or tag that includes the following information:

a. The net weight.

b. The product and/or brand name.

c. A guaranteed analysis stating the level of those nutrients guaranteed by the company.

d. The common name of each ingredient. Some states may permit the use of collective terms for ingredients of similar type.

e. The name and principal mailing address of the manufacturer/seller.

f. Adequate directions for use of all commercial feeds containing drugs.

g. Precautionary statements for safe and effective use.

If the feed includes a medication, there is additional information that needs to be included on the label. In addition to the information required for non-medicated products, medicated feeds require the following information:

h. The purpose of the medication.

i. Directions for use of the feed product.

j. The names of all active drug ingredients.

k. The concentration of all active drug ingredients in the feed.

l. A warning or precautionary statement for withdrawal period when required by law.

m. Warnings against misuse.

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