Depending who you ask, alfalfa can be considered a friend or foe for horses. It is a high quality, highly digestible feed for horses, but so many myths surround its use that many horse owners underutilize or misuse it. But a publication on feeding alfalfa hay to horses has been designed to help. The concise, scientifically-based, user-friendly publication by the National Alfalfa Alliance shows owners how to match alfalfa hay to the age, class and activity level of their horse.

“Alfalfa: The High-quality Hay for Horses” was written by University of Idaho Extension forage specialist Glenn Shewmaker, University of Wisconsin forage agronomist Dan Undersander, and University of Kentucky equine nutritionist Laurie Lawrence and Extension forage specialist Garry Lacefield. Download single copies of the 12-page publication at (click on publications).