A new DVD from the Rural Landscape Institute has been developed to assist new landowners in transitioning into Montana’s rural way of life. Titled the “Path to Eden,” the DVD is designed to help landowners be better able to make informed decisions central to Montana’s communities, wildlife, natural resources and ranching heritage.

The DVD was created to address the many new and absentee landowners who have relocated to Montana in the past decade – and to help them understand the responsibility and challenges that accompany owning property in rural Montana. Pertinent topics such as community relations, wildlife management, noxious weeds, water rights, historic preservation, and responsible construction are all addressed by Path To Eden.

Developers of the DVD, which was created with donations from 19 organizations, say there hope is that through working together the Eden that is Montana can be maintained for generations to come.

The 26-minute film includes introductory and closing comments by Tom Brokaw, himself a Montana landowner, who donated his time to the project. To request your copy of the Path to Eden DVD visit http:// www.pathtoeden.org or call 406-522-7654. A suggested donation of $10 is requested to request the DVD. A resource booklet titled “Living Eden” is also available and offers a 10-step guide to help communities engage with new landowners and encourage them to become good neighbors.