A new publication from South Dakota State University offers tips on formulating mineral supplements for beef cows.

Written by SDSU Extension Beef Specialist Cody Wright, he says although ranchers can buy a commercial supplement for their herds, that practice can result in over supplementation and unnecessary expense.

“In many cases, commercial mineral supplements are formulated to provide in excess of 100 percent of the nutrient requirements for many different minerals. However, at least a portion of the minerals required by beef cows is provided by the feeds the cows are consuming. The formulation of supplements to supply only what the animal needs may provide an opportunity for cost savings,” says Wright.

SDSU Extension Extra 2064, “Formulating Mineral Supplements for Beef Cows,” discusses requirements, determining mineral supply in the diet, and formulating a supplement. The publication also discusses white salt and mineral sources.

Find the publication online at this link: agbiopubs.sdstate.edu/articles/ExEx2064.pdf.