FMC Corp. has announced that Mustang Max insecticide has received approval from the EPA for use on pasture and range grasses to control a variety of insect pests, making it the first pyrethroid federally registered for insect control in pasture and rangeland.

The insecticide has a zero-day postharvest interval (PHI), allowing producers to manage herds more easily through rotational grazing. It is labeled for control of both true and fall armyworms and grasshoppers in mixed and solid grass pastures, as well as alfalfa, wheat, corn, cotton, grain sorghum, pecans and soybeans.

The insecticide is approved for foliar application and should be applied by ground or air at rates ranging from 1.28 ounce (oz.) to 4.0 oz. per acre, depending on the pest spectrum and intensity of infestation. It can also be tank-mixed with postemergence herbicides, plant nutrients and fungicides, according to the company release.

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