Ridley Block Operations has introduced Crystalyx® Distillers OptimizerT, a nutrient-dense, free-choice, low-moisture mineral block to assist in the balance of minerals and vitamins for cattle fed corn byproducts. The new supplement features a blend of Zinpro’s chelated/organic minerals from Availa-4 to help increase bioavailability. This blend appears important to combat the antagonistic effects of high sulfur (S) levels found in corn byproducts that can tie up trace minerals required for optimal animal performance.

In order to balance the phosphorus (P) levels found in corn byproducts, such as distillers’ grains, the new low-moisture block contains an increased amount of readily available calcium (Ca), which the company claims will balance key nutrient levels critical for growing calves, stockers, replacement heifers and beef cows during gestation, calving and lactation.

For more information, contact Dan Dhuyvetter at 507-388-9488 or dan.dhuyvetter@ridleyinc.com.