This week B is the featured letter on the A to Z list of the characteristics that seem to help perpetuate success. I’m going with a straightforward, no-nonsense piece of advice: B is for Buckling Up.

That simple act of buckling your seatbelt is something many folks take for granted. But without being safe on the road, success can be snuffed out in an instant. We all know talented people whose time was cut short because of an accident that may have had a better ending had they taken that one second to buckle up. Along with that advice, obey the other rules of the road as well – don’t speed, be safe if you are using a cell phone, and don’t drink and drive.

While there is the literal application of buckling up, I’d like to suggest you think of it as a metaphor in life as well. Life can throw some pretty fast curves at all of us – and those too are best handled by being buckled up. By this, I mean be grounded. Don’t get too big for your britches and forget who and what is important to you. It’s easy to get sidetracked by the lure of things that are bigger and better, but those can often lead to empty accomplishments without that all important foundation of family and friends at your side.

The bottom line: Buckling up requires thought. Whether you are in your car or are navigating through life, take a moment to remember what’s truly important, then buckle up for the ride ahead.