How can you create your future if you don’t dream? You know those daydreams in your head where you think: someday I’m going to do this, or someday I’m going to go there. Dreaming can be a great way to envision who you might become or what you might achieve, and it’s something I think everyone – young and old – should do more of.

Every now and then – not just on New Year’s Day when you’re plotting your resolutions for the year – make a wish list of the dreams in your head. Some might call it a “Bucket List” like the storyline in the recent movie of the same name, where two men facing terminal cancer made the list of things they’d like to do before their life came to an end.

The key is to let your imagination soar. Don’t get bogged down with thoughts of “that’s not possible or how would I do that.” Instead, just concentrate on what might make you happy; what might challenge you; what might make you feel fulfilled.

You can have a dream list for places you’d like to visit; things you’d like to accomplish on your ranch, in your business or in your career; and even dreams of activities you’d like to do with your kids – I plan to take mine to a Colorado Rockies baseball game this summer and a “someday” trip to Paris is on my list as well.

Be sure to write your list down, and then revisit it often to check things off that you’ve made a reality or add new dreams to it. You just never know where those dreams might take you. And as they say, “Dreams do come true” – so dream big.