The 2009 Montana Livestock and Nutrition Conference which will be held April 21-22 in Bozeman, MT, at the Gran Tree Inn. The theme of this year’s conference is “They are Black and They’ve had their Shots…..Any Questions?”

Among the invited speakers are Turk Stovall from Origen, Gary Brester, Montana State University ag economist, Darrell Wilkes from ABS, and Ted Schroeder from Kansas State University. On April 22, three nationally renowned experts in the field of supplementation research and bridging the gap in the production of high energy feedstuffs will share their remarks. They will include NDSU’s Greg Lardy, UNL’s Rick Funston and MSU’s Dennis Cash.

The conference registration fee is $65. For more information contact MSU Extension Beef Specialist John Paterson at 406-994-3414.