Certified Hereford Beef® (CHB) LLC has re-launched a customer-focused Web site, http://www.herefordbeef.net . This new Web site is equipped with upgraded navigation software to make it more user-friendly for CHBs three publics, consumers, customers (retail/foodservice) and producers.

HerefordBeef.net provides users an opportunity to locate where they can purchase CHB product at both the retail and foodservice level as well as being able to find distributors in their region. “This Web site is a key marketing tool for CHB and allows us to reach each of our key audiences with a fresh look at our quality CHB product,” says Arden Gremmert, Certified Hereford Beef General Manager. “The new site not only tells visitors where they can purchase our product in their home state in supermarkets or restaurants, it offers them recipes, nutritional information, smart shopping techniques and other tips that help them better enjoy the great taste of Certified Hereford Beef..”

Gremmert added that the new site shares information on the CHB producer including their stewardship of the land and care given to the animals they raise in providing consumers safe and nutritious beef. He said that they are planning several additional phases and additions to this Web site in the future including detailed information geared specifically toward chefs and cattle producers.

Certified Hereford Beef was established in 1995 by the American Hereford Association to offer the food industry truly superior beef products and to enhance the demand for purebred Hereford cattle. Based on the research-proven and time-tested tenderness, juiciness and flavor of Hereford beef, the program promotes its distinct brand with quality-driven foodservice operators and retailers across the country.