VeriPrime, a member-owned federation of cooperatives including producers, processors and retailers, is introducing the VeriPrime Traceability Assurance System (VTAS). The program is designed to provide Certified Traceable food products -- tracked from "farm to fork" -- to American consumers to ensure accountability throughout the food chain.

VTAS is the nation's first and only feed and food chain traceability program via an accredited USDA certifying body, says a VeriPrime release. Certified Traceable food will be identified by a VeriPrime seal of approval.

"For the first time, consumers can be assured at a glance that the food they are purchasing is traceable to its source," said Scott Crain, DVM, CEO of VeriPrime. "Traceability is the cornerstone of food safety and the VTAS, as the prerequisite for all other food safety programs, ensures that everyone is accountable along each step of the food chain."

USDA accredited Agri Food Certification of Meade, KS, as the certifying agent for the VTAS program.

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-- VeriPrime news release