The Southwest Beef Symposium, a joint effort between the New Mexico Cooperative Extension Service and Texas Cooperative Extension Service, is set for Jan. 16-17 at the Fifth Season Inn in Amarillo, TX.

Established to annually provide producers with timely info about current industry issues and practical management, the first day's program begins at 1 p.m. and is themed: "Critical success factors to the beef enterprise." It includes sessions on: "The beef enterprise: Aligning the vision," "Cow type and the Southwest environment," "Reproductive management strategies for profitability" and "Creating flexibility in your beef system."

The next day's morning program will focus on current topics, including: "Impact of ethanol production on grain, feed and cattle markets," "Ethanol feed byproducts and their uses in cattle production," "Trichomoniasis in the Southwest," "Practicality of pregnancy determination via blood test," and "Age and source verification." The afternoon program will focus on market trends and include: "Addressing consumer trends: The producer and retailer perspective," Opportunities and challenges in sourcing feeder cattle into verified programs" and "Trends in markets for non-fed beef." The meeting adjourns at 5 p.m.

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-- Joe Roybal