I don't know why but I never thought beef would be a major shoplifting item. After all, who would put a prime rib in their pants pocket and walk out of a store.

According to the Food Marketing Institute, however, meat was the most shoplifted item in America's grocery stores in 2005, ahead of analgesics, razor blades and baby formula. Historically, meat has been second to health and beauty items because pseudoephedrine, an ingredient in a lot of cough medicines, is a critical ingredient in home-cooked meth. Such medicines have been moved behind the counter, however, which allowed meat to move to the top of the list in most-shoplifted items.

Not surprisingly, top-end cuts like ribeyes and filet mignons are the most commonly lifted items. The study noted that the problem was particularly acute with premium beef brands like Certified Angus Beef.

As a result, we may soon see security tags on meat packages that would trip an alarm if someone tried to walk out the door with them. On the good side, this news indicates there's strong demand for our product; it also tells us our product is one of the priciest.
-- Troy Marshall