After reading Troy Marshall's article, "Horse Slaughter Ban Is Important To Cattlemen," Aug. 18 issue, I wish to relieve the minds of cattlemen. Very few of the people I know fighting to stop horse slaughter for foreign profit and consumption would pass up a good steak. I have no desire to become a vegetarian and neither do the majority of anti horse slaughter people.

Horses are simply different from cattle. The only people profiting from horse slaughter are three, foreign-owned slaughter plants; some large breeders who dump their breeding mistakes at a kill auction; and a few kill buyers who can't figure out another way to make a living.

USDA ignored Congress and the will of the people when they allowed the horse slaughter plants to pay their own inspectors. How in the world can you expect such inspectors to be totally unbiased toward the people paying their salary?
Patricia A. Cornell
Sanderson, FL