If you're wondering how and when to get your arms wrapped around electronic animal ID, Kansas State University (KSU) may have the solution. The university will host two Electronic Beef ID Crash Courses this summer.

The programs will be held at the KSU Stocker Unit outside Manhattan, KS, and will include live-animal demonstrations, hands-on use of animal ID equipment, a review of available technologies, and how to budget a system.

KSU Extension beef specialist Dale Blasi says this summer's programs, each aimed at different audiences, are a follow-up to the KSU Beef ID Academy programs of summer 2004.

The June 21-22 program is aimed at operators of feed yards, sale barns and stocker-grower operations. The July 19-20 program is aimed specifically at cow-calf producers and veterinarians. Space is limited to 100 attendees in each session. For more info, contact Lois Schreiner at 785-532-1267 or lschrein@ksu.edu.