The premiere issue of American Cowman Update, one half of a new electronic publication effort from BEEF magazine and designed for smaller-sized beef operations, will debut Aug. 9. Sign up now for the twice-monthly newsletter at or visit

About 90% of the beef cow-calf operations in the U.S. are small family farms with herds of 100 head of cattle or fewer, according to USDA. Collectively, these family beef operations contribute an important share of the American beef supply, along with having an essential role in the stewardship of natural resources and the leadership and social fabric of rural communities.

BEEF magazine recognizes the importance of this beef-production sector, and this month launched its new electronic venture called American Cowman designed to meet the info needs of today's family-owned cattle herds with up to 100 head. The American Cowman effort consists of a Web site ( and American Cowman Update, a twice-monthly electronic newsletter.
-- Kindra Gordon