“Whether you're an old specialist with a pair of fencing pliers, or just learning the ropes, there's always something to learn when it comes to livestock fencing.”

With that introduction, Managing Editor Alaina Burt presents “7 Common Fencing Mistakes” and delves into the most common fencing failings, as recounted by two of the top grazing and fencing experts — Jim Gerrish of American GrazingLands Service LLC, and Merle Mohr, Gallagher territory manager.

“Only 26.7% of the refrigerators examined in the study maintained the recommended temperature (35°-45°F.) 95% of the time during a 48-hour period.”

Even worse, says Contributing Editor Wes Ishmael, in “Spoiled Potential,” 23.6% of the refrigerators in that Arkansas study achieved the acceptable temperature range less than 5% of the time. He details the steps to ensure their animal-health dollars aren't being depleted in storage.

“Food-animal agriculture is under attack. Animal rights and environmental groups are doing all they can to essentially pressure us out of business. And they aren't limiting themselves to honesty, either.”

If methane production is on the increase, then are cattle truly the culprit? wonders “Vet's Opinion” columnist Dave Sjeklocha. In “Methane madness,” the Kansas veterinarian points out that the U.S. beef-cattle population has declined by 14 million head in the past 27 years, while total beef production has increased nearly 5 billion lbs.