The World Trade Organization (WTO) issued a preliminary ruling that the U.S. country-of-origin (COOL) requirements constitute a trade barrier for cattle from Mexico and Canada. Read more about it here. That question is at the center of this week’s online reader poll at BEEF. This week’s question is: Does the mandatory U.S. COOL law constitute a trade barrier for Mexican and Canadian cattle into the U.S.?

• Yes, it’s unnecessary and just adds cost.
• No, we’re just informing consumers about their food.
• Don’t know.

By the way, more than 160 readers weighed in on last week’s online poll question – What should USDA do with its GIPSA rule? The overwhelming majority (83%) said USDA should “dump the whole thing,” while 8% said “go with what we’ve got,” 5% said “reopen the comment period once the economic analysis is released,” 2% said to “propose a revised rule,” and 1% “didn’t know.”

Thanks for participating.