Should Congress Open Up Preventive Plant Acres?

A late spring and ongoing rain in some parts of the country has brewed a perfect storm in terms of hay supply. As some crop farmers make the decision to preventive plant their corn and soybean ground, some are calling for those preventive plant acres to be opened up for harvesting before the Nov. 1 date. This week’s online poll question is: “Do you think Congress should open up preventive plant acres to early harvest?”

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on Jul 13, 2013

We busted our butts to get our corn and soybeans planted before the deadline. Some not, not all, had the opportunity to do the same.

The USA now has more people on food stamps that are working in the private sector. It's about time we realize that rewarding the lame, lazy, and unlucky is a zero sum policy and is bringing this country to it's knees.

on Jul 12, 2013

The farmers that are expected to raise hay for a living to feed these animals are expected to do so with no help from the federal government. How are they suppose to compete with government sponsored acres of early cut CRP acres? How are they suppose to compete with free federal highway road ditches? Now they are expected to compete with acres already paid prevented planted acres for corn and soybeans and will now be used to produce forages. The forage producers also have to compete with subsidized corn and soybean farmers for crop inputs, machinery, land purchases, land rents and feed their families. Don't wonder why there will be a shortage of forages down the road even without weather disasters. The USDA farm policy is a bigger disaster for forages than Mother Nature. Late cut CRP hay, road ditches (Road Kill) and swamp hay not suitable for row crops is the only hay that will be available to these animals.

on Jul 13, 2013

Amen, very well said.

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