Are "ag gag" laws a good idea for the livestock industry to pursue?

Several states have passed so-called “ag gag” laws that criminalize undercover photography or video inside livestock operations. Livestock industry groups say such laws are needed to protect farmers from activists whose principal motivation is to hurt their business. Meanwhile, activist groups contend livestock agriculture has something to hide. “Are ‘ag gag’ laws a good idea for the livestock industry to pursue?”

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on Dec 10, 2013

I this. That animal abuse takes place a lot more than we realize and a lot more than animal ag businesses want us to know. The fact that animal ag is trying to portray activists as liars is a joke! Animal ag has billions to lose and their refusal of transparency speaks volumes. It's like saying that we should be allowed to have cameras in day cares because they feel that the footage would damage their business. The animal ag group's goal is to put the thoughts of slaughter and abuse as far from our minds as possible so that we keep consuming their products.

on Apr 24, 2013

I agree that the industry should have nothing to hide, but the videos that are used are so slanted and distructive, that the industry is hurt without a chance to correct or explain. How many of us are already sick of seeing the video of the Holstein cow from years ago (during BSE outbreak) AND we know we will see it again as though it is the real news of the day??

on Apr 24, 2013

This is a terrible and misleading poll. I want to say "no", but I don't agree that the industry has nothing to hide.

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