To begin, it was an absolute honor to represent the National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA) Young Producer's Council (YPC) at the recent National FFA Convention. A record attendance made for an exciting time and a great opportunity to proclaim the endless benefits of our organization. It makes for a pleasurable experience when you can meet NCBA members from around the country and converse over pertinent beef issues.

With that said, I can go on for days telling you all the great accomplishments made, such as handing out over 400 teacher packets, making hundreds of people aware of the Masters of Beef Advocacy (MBA) program and visiting with numerous college students about YPC membership along with state and collegiate affiliate opportunities, all of which are true and gratifying. Nonetheless, I feel it's a must to shed light on one of the discouraging trends, which was ever so evident throughout the week.

I went in with a “pre-game” mindset of educating those who stopped by our booth. The goal was to enlighten the passerby with the not-so well known statistics of our great industry but my ignorance was truly bliss! I made the assumption that “all” agriculture education programs provided the dirty-handed, stained clothes opportunities that I recollect upon. In a very short time, out of necessity, I switched my prepared beef statistic and demographic questions to what I considered elementary or ground-level physiology questions.

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