While living and working away from home, Jane Haddock says she realized she wasn't doing what she had always wanted to.

It was 1950, and she had graduated from college. She was working for the American Red Cross, a job she enjoyed, but she was homesick. So, Haddock says, she returned to the Jones County farm she grew up on, and decided to follow her calling - to raise cattle.

Now, 60 years later, Haddock continues to raise cattle on her farm in Haddock, GA. She says the town is named for her great, great grandmother, Milbry Barnes Haddock, who, according to Haddock, gave land to the Georgia railroad to cross through the county and spurred development of the town.

She feeds her 75 cows, repairs fences and does just about any other job required on her 220-acre farm almost completely on her own. Haddock is 93 years old.

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