A lot of folks in the beef industry worry about where the next generation of ranchers will come from. But cattlemen with real foresight wonder about tomorrow’s consumers.

Certified Angus Beef LLC (CAB) recently partnered with its licensed distributor, Performance Food Group, at the Culinary Institute of Virginia (CIV). Their joint mission: to educate the next generation of chefs on preparing high-quality beef dishes that will capture future consumer demand.

The inaugural CIV Culinary Scholarship Competition challenged young chefs to develop new menu items featuring non-traditional Certified Angus Beef ® (CAB®) brand cuts. With that came an education on the utilization of the flank, flat iron, teres major and center cut sirloin (baseball cut) steaks.

Andrew Mosquera was on the winning culinary team. The Philippines native will graduate this fall from the culinary school and says he hopes to someday own his own restaurant. The competition opened his eyes to more variety in his protein selection for entrees.

“I learned about all the cuts of meat that aren’t being used enough,” he says. “I liked working with the teres major – I had never heard of that cut before, but now I’ve started using it. It’s almost the same as the tenderloin, but cheaper, which is really cool.”

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