The New Mexico Section of the Society for Range Management offers this quiz on rangeland knowledge.

  1. About one-third of the earth's surface is land and about 47% of the land is rangeland. True or false.

  2. About 83% of the total land area of the 11 Western states is classed as forest and/or rangeland. True or false.

  3. Livestock ranges in the U.S. extend from sea level to 5,280 ft. True or false.

  4. Western ranges vary from semi-desert to lush mountain meadows. Rainfall varies from less than 5 in. annually to more than 60, averaging 15 in. for the entire area. True or false.

  5. In most states west of the Mississippi and a few to the east, grass is the leading source of income mainly through the sale of livestock. True or false.

  6. Grazing reduces the fire hazard on rangelands by utilizing plant matter that would ordinarily accumulate as dry fuel. True or false.

  7. Native Americans had no horses until Spanish explorers brought them into Florida and Mexico in the early 1500s. True or false.

  8. Bison, pronghorn antelope, elk, mule deer, white-tailed deer, blacktailed deer, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, bear and cougar were native to Western ranges before the arrival of European settlers. All of these animals still survive there today. True or false.

Answers: All are true except for question three — the correct answer is 12,000 ft.