Hydraulic post driver

Worksaver's HPD-20 Hydraulic Post Driver offers an immediate airtight set for wood and steel posts up to 8¾-in. in diameter and 10-ft. long. HPD-20 is easily adjusted with a bubble level and features a spring loaded post holder handle.
For more information call 217-324-5973 or visit www.worksaver.com.

Solar energizer

Twin Mountain's TS25 is a 2.5 mile, 0.25 Joule solar-powered energizer. Its lightweight and small design allows for easy installation and movement. The TS25 carries a three-year warranty, including lightning.
For more information call 800-527-0990 or visit www.twinmountainfence.com.

Fence charger

Parmak's MARK 7 fence charger is low impedance and AC operated on 110-120 voltages. Designed to operate on single or multi-wire high tensile fences, it charges up to 30 miles of fence. Features include a built-in computer controlled circuitry with a digital meter that shows fence charge at all times. MARK 7 is UL listed.
For more information call 1-800-662-1038 or visit www.parmakusa.com.

Remote control energizer

The Speedrite 6000i from Tru-Test is a 6-Joule electric fence energizer that can be operated by a remote control (included). Features include a full fence monitoring system, digital display, bi-polar technology, and it operates on electricity, battery, or solar power. The energizer charges up to 60 miles or 240 acres and it comes with a two-year warranty, including lightning.
For more information visit www.speedrite.com.

Flexible post

The Pivotal Post from Pivotal Fencing Systems makes cross-fencing center pivots possible without building gates or letting wires down to allow the sprinkler to pass through fences. See the Pivotal Post in action at www.pivotpost.com and select the link “Watch the Pivotal Fencing System in action.”
For more information call 970-848-5500 or visit www.pivotpost.com.

Wire joining

Gripple Plus is an all-in-one, wire-joining and tensioning device that eliminates the need for ratchet strainers, come-alongs and fence stretchers. Gripple connects and tensions the wire, and allows for easy re-tensioning of the wire in the future. More than 300 million Gripples have been sold worldwide.
For more information visit www.gripple.com.

Post driver

Danuser's Postmaster/Slab Blaster can drive up to 60 wood or steel posts/hour measuring up to 14-ft. tall and 3- to 8-in. in diameter. The hammer weighs 275 lbs.; additional weight can be added up to 700 lbs. The Slab Blaster hammer weighs 400 lbs. and can break concrete up to 9-in. thick with reinforcement.
For more information call 573-642-2246 or visit www.danuser.com.

Post driver

Shaver Manufacturing's post drivers feature an optional Pilot Auger Attachment designed to make driving posts quicker and easier. The unit is ideal for difficult post-driving conditions such as clay, gravel or compacted soil. With five models to choose from and only six moving parts, all drivers work with any 3-point hitch.
For more information call 712-859-3293 or visit www.shavermfg.com.


Gallagher's PowerPlus M1000 is a 110-volt energizer producing 10 Joules of energy and capable of powering hundreds of acres and miles of multi-wire fence. The M100 features Quickscan Output Voltage, which allows at-a-glance output voltage readings. All Gallagher energizers have a two year warranty.
For more information call 800-531-5908 or visit www.gallagherusa.com.

Adjustable energizer

Tru-Test's Stafix X6 6-Joule energizer can power your electric fence by electricity, battery, or solar. Adjustable settings and pulse speeds conserve battery power and bi-polar technology maximizes performance in low-conductive, dry soils. Capable of powering 60 miles or 240 acres of fence, it comes with a two-year warranty that includes lightning.
For more information visit www.stafix.com


Tru-Test's Speedrite 6000 energizer produces a 6-Joule output and operates on electricity, battery, or solar power, with bi-polar technology for exceptional performance in very dry soils. Indicator lights show output voltage and battery condition. With a two-year warranty that covers lightning, it can protect up to 60 miles or 240 acres.
For more information visit www.speedrite.com

Energizer with remote

The Stafix X6i from Tru-Test is a 6-Joule energizer that operates on electricity, battery, or solar power and can be switched on/off along the fenceline via remote control (included). It includes a fence monitoring system, LCD display and bi-polar technology. The X6i powers up to 60 miles or 240 acres of fence and has a two-year warranty including lightning.
For more information visit www.stafix.com

Electric fence

Baygard by Parmak, offers a complete line of heavy duty ¼-in. electric fence rope, polywire and polytape in ½-, ⅞- or 1 ½-in. widths. Available in black/yellow or all white, it is ideal for temporary pastures and rotational grazing. Baygard offers superior strength, conductivity and weathering with five-year warranty.
For more information call 1-800-662-1038 or visit www.parmakusa.com