As grass-fed beef becomes more popular in our country, more producers are looking for an economical way to put those final few pounds on to finish. According to Bob Scriven, a grazing consultant from Kearney, NE, grazing standing corn can be a viable option for some producers.

“The interest in producing grass-finished beef has continued the interest in the whole corn plant for a grazing medium,” he says. “But, it has to provide a forage with no grain. This interest increases as we realize it is very difficult to produce reasonable gains on finishing steers in the fall months when they are grazing quality, cool-season forages.”

Scriven further explains that high protein forages can provide good gains on stocker cattle, but not deposit the fat on a nearly finished steer that needs to produce a tender and flavorful meat product.

“The whole corn plant meets the energy requirements that are needed,” he says.

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