The latest USDA Crop Progress report (week ending Aug. 12) shows 59% of U.S. pasture and range in the 48 states to be in Poor or Very Poor condition. That total percentage remains steady from last week, but considerably worse than last year’s 39% figure.

Meanwhile, corn condition for 18 selected states for the week ending Aug. 12 turned down slightly with 51% of acreage being in Poor or Very Poor condition, up from last week’s 50%. Soybeans remained steady for the week, with 38% rated in Very Poor or Poor condition vs. last week’s 39%. See the state-by-state reports below.

In pasture and range, Delaware and Florida topped the 48 states, with 74% of their pasture and range in Good or Excellent condition, followed by Mississippi with 63%, and Nevada and New Hampshire at 62%. Missouri topped the hardest-hit states with 98% of pasture and range in Poor or Very Poor condition, followed by Illinois at 94%, and Kansas at 90%.