USDA's latest Crop Progress report (July 30) shows U.S. pasture and range conditions continuing to fall in quality. For the week ending July 29, 29% of pasture and rangeland in 48 states was categorized as Very Poor, while 28% was Poor, 26% was Fair, 15% was Good and 2% was in Excellent condition. Last week's Crop Progress report cited 26% as Very Poor, 29% as Poor, 27% as Fair, 16% as Good and 2% as Excellent.

Meanwhile, overall corn condition also was down, with 23% of acres planted to corn in 18 states being graded as Very Poor, while 25% were Poor, 28% were Fair, 21% were Good, and 3% were Excellent. Last week's report had those categories as 21%, 24%, 29%, 23% and 3%, respectively.

Soybeans showed some improvement over last week, with this week's report finding that 15% of soybean acres in 18 states were in Very Poor condition, while 22% were in Poor condition, and 34% in Fair condition, 26% in Good Condition, and 3% in Excellent condition. Last week, those percentages were: 13%, 22%, 34%, 27% and 4%, respectively.