Recently, an effort was made to damage the reputation of the beef industry and to undermine public confidence in the safety of beef. The fact that the attack was launched by people within our own industry is especially disturbing.

An Associated Press article has served up the ridiculous notion that cattlemen are having such a difficult time getting a fair price for their product, some might feel pressured to "sell sicker, weaker cows" that will yield inferior quality meat. This statement can only be construed as an attempt to score political points by inciting unwarranted fear about the quality of beef.

TCFA does not blame the reporter for this distortion. TCFA believes the Associated Press was exploited as part of the strategy of R-CALF and certain others in the industry who seek a drastic overhaul in the way livestock marketing is regulated. TCFA disagrees with R-CALF's position on the proposed GIPSA rule. TCFA believes there are plenty of arguments to be made against GIPSA's proposals.

To read the entire article, link here.