Denver—NCBA President Andy Groseta believes YPC is an opportunity build leadership qualities in the young people in the beef industry.

The YPC was authorized through interim policy passed in July by NCBA Policy Division board members at the Cattle Industry Summer Conference. Surveys conducted earlier in the year reportedly showed strong enthusiasm for such a council, and suggested that young people wanted more involvement in the workings of the organization, including a strong voice in policy decisions.

The YPC will be driven by those who join the council, with officers, activities and actions voted on by its members. The council will be allowed to select an individual to represent them on each NCBA policy committee. Every YPC member will also be an NCBA member, and enjoy all the benefits of membership.

Members will reportedly meet during or in conjunction with the Annual Cattle Industry Convention and the Summer Conference. Activities of the YPC will be funded through corporate sponsorships or by fee-for-service.

Amanda's Comments: The YPC sounds like a great opportunity for young people to have their voices heard. If you are 18-35 years old and involved in the beef industry, I think you should get involved. What do you think?