In Genesis, the Lord created animals, said they were good and then gave man permission to eat them.

While not a universal belief, many Christians traditionally have embraced a biblical stance on animals as a source of companionship, food and labor, but not much else.

"We know from the Bible that God created animals, he cares about them intimately and he wants us to care about them," said Ben DeVries, 30, of Kenosha, Wis., who started a blog, "Not One Sparrow," to encourage his conservative Christian brethren to become more like shepherds than hunters.

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This article is further proof that HSUS is dedicating a lot of time and money towards converting conservative, religious groups to reconsider relationships between animals and humans. What are your thoughts? Do you think religious groups will really listen to the lobbying efforts of animal activist groups, or will they stick to serving their clergy and focusing on humanity? Let me know what you think!