This article and its message of truth, desires and manifests the expression of God given rights, U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights freedom, to include "Freedom of Speech" to defend our pet ownership rights and freedoms. To express freely our religious rights to freely express and maintain "We the Peoples" views on any "religious" subject and belief in regard to protecting and defending our dogs, cats, pets, and animals, and to maintain "our" God given Rights to freely own our pets and animals, on our "own" property.

This article firmly expresses the intent of all the loving dog, pet, and animal owners to “own” our God given pets with personal God given responsibility without government, state, individual or group agenda, interference, intrusion, or violation of any of "our" Bill of Rights, by “perverted” animal laws, which are not upheld with “due process” established by the United States Constitution, as traditionally written by our forefathers.

Dismissing people whose ideas are on society's fringes comes naturally for most of us. Whether it's illegal immigration, public option health care, the economy is too big to fail, the environment on climate change, or the animal rights movement takes a toll on everybody involved or not, even on our pets and animals.

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