Unless drastic changes are made in federal spending and possibly health care reform, the U.S. could be destined to “become a third-world country,” says the American Farm Bureau Federation.

During months of study and debate, the Federal Deficit Task Force created by the Farm Bureau focused on the dangers posed by the large projected federal deficits over the next 40 years.

The task force was made up of eight individuals from around the country with a variety of expertise and practical knowledge of both business and agriculture. It included four more experienced members and four farmers and ranchers under age 35 from around the country. Craig Lang, president of the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation, chaired the task force.

The task force presented its policy recommendations during a conference at AFBF’s 91st annual meeting. The proposals focused on the twin problems of the growing national debt and budget deficit. Without attention, the problems will become infinitely more difficult or impossible to solve, task force members believe.

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