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May 07, 2006

Too Much To Do, And Not Enough Time To Do It

Are you are working harder and longer than five years ago? I don't have to see your hands to know the answer. A recent study showed the average....More
Apr 21, 2006

We Are At The Precipice

Looking back at all that's transpired the last three years relative to the beef market, it's obvious global beef trade is teetering on the edge of....More
Apr 21, 2006

It's Difficult To Understand The Japanese Situation

Part of it is simply cultural differences. As Americans, we expect things to happen quickly -- Japan likes to move more slowly. Part of it is simply....More
Apr 15, 2006

Implementation Plan Confirms USDA's ID Commitment

Last week, USDA Secretary Mike Johanns released an implementation plan that included timelines and benchmarks for the National Animal Identification....More
Apr 15, 2006

A Welcome Lull In Beef Industry Court Reporting

A lawsuit against the major meatpackers alleging they knew about errors in USDA price reporting in spring 2001, and benefited at the expense of....More
Apr 09, 2006

McDonald's Steels Itself For Another Media Bashing

McDonald's marketing executives convened a war council recently to devise a strategy for combating the latest attack on their reputation and bottom....More
Apr 09, 2006

Is Chicken The Culprit In Falling Fed Prices?

Cattle prices have declined sharply since peaking in mid-February. Rising supplies of slaughter cattle are partly to blame. For example, the four-....More
Apr 09, 2006

March Brings Needed Rainfall To The Southwest

March brought rain to a good segment of the Southwest, dumping as much as 11 in. on some locations in one mid-month rainy weekend and leaving from 1/....More
Apr 09, 2006

Hopes For Speedy Pacific Rim Resolution Fading

Hopes for a speedy resolution to the ongoing tug-of-war to reopen Japanese and South Korean markets to U.S. beef seem to be fading. This week, South....More
Apr 09, 2006

Recent Market Performance Is Disconcerting

Fed cattle have plummeted from the low $90s to the low $80s. The April futures contract fell $13 in that timeframe. Overreactions in the marketplace....More
Apr 09, 2006

Is it Surprising We Do This For Little Or Nothing?

As kids all of us had fantasies about what we would be when we grew up. While most boys typically dream of playing professional sports, I dreamed of....More
Apr 01, 2006

Wildfires' Effects Are Wider Than Burn Areas

The wildfires that ravaged parts of Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico create a cascade of long-lasting misery. In the mid March fires that swept across....More
Apr 01, 2006

U.S. Supreme Court Dumps Pickett v Tyson

The U.S. Supreme Court denied this week an appeal of the Pickett vs. Tyson Fresh Meats lower-court decision, ending what's been hailed as the cattle....More
Apr 01, 2006

Japan Trade Talks Creep Along; Is Japan Stalling?

The U.S. agreed this week to train workers handling beef exports to Japan and to double its final checks on beef shipments headed there. Still, Tokyo....More
Apr 01, 2006

Stop Listening To The Doom And Gloom

It's dangerous for someone who makes a portion of their income from writing about current events to suggest the following but I'm going to do it....More

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