It’s been said thousands of times that “nothing great is ever accomplished without enthusiasm,” something that’s especially true in ag. When one is dealing with Mother Nature and cyclical commodity markets, there are going to be a fair share of obstacles and challenges. Without enthusiasm for the future, it’s difficult to harness the energy required to take advantage of the opportunities created via difficulties.

An individual called this week talking about the rash of dispersals scheduled for his breed; in closing, he said: “I just don’t enjoy it any more. What should I do?”

I think the answer is obvious. This is as competitive and narrow margin business as you can find; if you don’t have a passion for it, don’t fight it. Without enthusiasm, one won’t have the motivation to change, or to develop their talents and skill sets.

The lifestyle that ag provides is second to none, if it’s something that motivates you and inspires you. But if you lose your enthusiasm for it, it can also become tiring and strenuous.

The other thing about our business is that significant success is possible only with significant risk. If you have enthusiasm about your goals, your plans and your vision, then the risk is manageable without being overwhelming.

Standing still or maintaining the status quo doesn’t work; it takes enthusiasm to bear the risk of stepping outside of one’s own comfort zone. Plus, success in ag today is a team effort; nobody can do it alone anymore, the level of expertise required in so many areas is just too difficult to achieve. Moreover, enthusiastic people always attract the right people to their mission, and vice versa.