• Be crystal clear about your operation's purpose.

    A thorough understanding of your goals and objectives will help you shape all your business decisions. A purpose links your passion and enables you to move forward.

  • Have an outrageous vision.

    Small dreams do not have the capacity to stir men's souls. The bigger and bolder the vision, the more likely it is to help you rise above obstacles you may encounter.

  • Begin today, without delay.

    There is no time like the present. Inertia is the key. An outrageous vision will require significant change and you need to start today to get the wheels in motion.

  • Don't be afraid to experiment.

    The more new and innovative solutions you come up with, the greater your chance of success.

  • Focus.

    Energy, money and time are key for powerful change, and focus is the catalyst to bring about that change.

  • Listen.

    Input from others is vital in understanding what the questions and challenges are.

  • Be an opportunist.

    It is all about opportunity, so take advantage of every opportunity -- in line with your purpose and vision -- that presents itself.

  • Network.

    Be visible. Create an aura not only where you pursue opportunities, but when opportunities knock on your door. The size of your network equates roughly to your level of influence and your impact.

  • Give more than you receive.

    The most difficult thing to give is your time and attention. Give freely to those who are in alignment with your purpose and vision.

  • Laugh and smile.

    No industry can offer a more rewarding lifestyle, or a better way of raising your children. Don't miss out on the present while trying to build a future. If you aren't laughing at least five times a day, you need to find a new set of friends or get a major attitude adjustment. Enjoy the process!