Help Us Recognize The “BEEF Top 40”

BEEF magazine will celebrate its 40th anniversary with the publication of its September 2004 issue. As part of special coverage intended for that issue, the BEEF editorial staff wants to recognize those who made significant contributions to the U.S. beef industry.

We’ll do that via a special project called the “BEEF Top 40.” Via nominations by readers and final selections by an independent panel of judges, we want to recognize the folks - professional or volunteer - who shepherded the causes, conducted the research, lobbied the halls, built the prototypes, and educated the generations that led to the dynamically evolving industry we have today.

The “BEEF Top 40” will recognize the top 40 contributors to the modern state of the beef business. The candidates will be nominated by readers, with final selection of the BEEF Top 40 made by an independent panel of judges.

Everyone is eligible - producers, be they seedstockers, commercial folks or cattle feeders; marketers; animal scientists; agribusiness folks or other individuals allied to beef cattle. Feel free to nominate as many different individuals as you feel are worthy of this recognition. Just make sure that the folks you believe influential and important in the development and evolution of the U.S. beef industry of the past 40 years are recognized.

Take a few minutes to type answers to the questions listed below in an e-mail to, or you can drop the nomination in the mail to: The BEEF Top 40 BEEF Magazine 7900 International Dr., Suite 300 Minneapolis, MN 55425

Be sure to provide us with the person’s name, title, important accomplishments, a brief background and why you consider their contributions important to the U.S. beef industry. The documentation needn’t be voluminous but make sure you include enough information that judges can easily grasp the scope and degree of that person’s role and/or contribution to the modern U.S. beef industry.

Also provide us with your name, phone number and/or e-mail address for use in case more information on the nominee is needed.

The deadline for submissions is July 1.

"BEEF Top 40" Nomination Form

Name of Nominee:

Nominee's title or position:


Industry Contribution – Why should this person be honored as a "BEEF Top 40" honoree:

Brief biographical background on the candidate: