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The selection tool allows producers to utilize economic and management descriptions of their ranching operation, along with expected progeny differences (EPD) on available Charolais bulls, to assist in identifying the most profitable sires for their unique operation.

"The challenge the beef industry is faced with in today's beef business is that we're building a system of rewards and discounts based on carcass merit and other traits but haven't made available enough of the right kind of tools that aid selection for the right kind of cattle to be profitable in those systems," says Robert Williams, AICA's director of breed improvement and foreign marketing. "To do this, we must provide economically derived tools that are based on multi-trait selection. The AICA Terminal Sire Profitability Index does just that."

Using economic selection index theory, the AICA tool will generate dollar indexes per terminal progeny produced on bulls in the AICA database, ranking them for profit potential given the inputs provided by the user, AICA says. The dollar indexes are to be interpreted much like single-trait EPDs. For example, if sire A's index is $110.50 and sire B's index is $115, then we would expect Sire B's offspring to average $4.50 more net return ($115 - $110.50) than sire A's offspring.