A week after the narrow passage of the HSUS-backed dog-breeding measure in Missouri, Proposition B, President Wayne Pacelle of the Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) published an “open letter” on his blog criticizing the Missouri Farm Bureau’s (MFB) campaign against the measure.

“This agreement should not provide a license for gross misrepresentations of fact. And, that’s exactly what the MFB was responsible for during this campaign," writes Pacelle.

Pacelle complained to Brownfield that the MFB falsely claimed that existing state regulations on dog breeding are sufficient, that the HSUS wants to eliminate pet ownership, and, that HSUS wants to end animal agriculture.

MFB Public Affairs Director Estill Fretwell calls Pacelle’s complaints a publicity stunt.

If you look at their agenda, this is simply the first step of HSUS and Pacelle to try to regulate animal agriculture in the state. It’s his spin on what he wants to try to put out, but again this is just a tactic on his part to get publicity," says Fretwell.

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