After more than a century of expansion, the Angus breed has become one of American agriculture’s greatest success stories — a story of quality, demand and innovation.

Today, more than 60% of cattlemen identify their herd as Angus, and those Angus-sired calves continue to put more money back into the pockets of cow-calf producers than any other breed — approximately $35 more/head than non-Angus contemporaries according to a recent 10-year study. And thanks to branded beef programs like Certified Angus Beef, “Angus” has become a household name.

Indeed, the breed is thriving, but Association President Joe Hampton says Angus success won’t be taken for granted.

“Our success, like most successful business models, has always depended on our ability to adapt, to innovate. That’s what will carry us into the future,” Hampton says. “The American Angus Association must remain open to new ideas and new opportunities for growth and relevance.”

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