Polly Ruhland is the new chief executive officer (CEO) of the Cattlemen's Beef Board (CBB), as hired by the Beef Board Executive Committee.

Ruhland has been serving as the interim CEO since June 28, and the chairman of the Executive Committee in charge of hiring her says she more than proved herself in her three months in that position.

"Polly was the right choice for this checkoff, and for this industry,” says Weldon Wynn, Executive Committee chairman and CBB vice chairman. "She has a powerful passion for the checkoff and for the beef industry, and she has absolutely proven in the last three months that she can run this operation astutely. She has an excellent rapport with staff and our contractors, and I don’t think we could have found anyone at this time who could have done the job as well as she is doing it. I think producers across America will certainly be satisfied with the results Polly achieves. And I feel honored to have been serving as the chairman of the committee that hired her."

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