Going Local Week is held in Indiana each September; and, according to the Indiana Department of Agriculture, “It is a one-week challenge to Indiana citizens to eat at least one Indiana locally grown or produced food at each meal during the seven-day event.”

According to a department press release, the goals of Going Local Week are to “Create an appreciation for the abundance and diversity of the Indiana food, make Indiana citizens more aware of the availability of local foods in their own communities, provide support and recognition for Indiana local food producers, and to increase Indiana residents’ consumption of locally grown/produced foods in a long-term effort to encourage them to regularly purchase more locally produced items for their weekly meals so that the consumption of Indiana locally grown and produced foods will become the norm, not a novelty at Hoosier dinner tables across the state.”

Going Local is a trend that has been gaining in popularity in recent years and, in some sectors, has taken on the aura of a religious movement. Some groups have seen this as an opportunity to advance their own agendas. As a result, an increased militarism has emerged that is now threatening to derail the whole concept.

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