Cargill is launching Grantwood Meats beef, which consists of traditional beef muscle cuts and roasts that are vacuum-sealed in a leakproof package that helps keep beef fresh. This freezer-ready new beef brand is designed to meet consumer demand for more convenient packaging.

This case-ready beef brand is targeting the growing consumer segment of at-home cooks who are short on spare time and have little cooking experience.

Shoppers have spoken and Cargill has listened, said David Bisek, associate brand manager, Cargill. “They told us their number-one frustration with current fresh-beef packaging was the fact that it leaked,” he added. “These leaks plague consumers throughout the shopping process: they leave a mess in grocery carts, they stain car upholstery and they necessitate refrigerator clean-up during storage. This insight led Cargill to develop a product line that meets consumer needs for cleanliness and convenience.”

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