The Rosemont Ranch donated the first $5,000 to the Great Arizona Bale-Out Fund, started by the Arizona Cattle Growers Association (ACGA). The Bale-Out fund will provide much-needed emergency relief of hay and feed to an area where more than 90 families and 800,000 acres have been tragically impacted by fire. While most livestock have been saved, pastures are no longer available to these cattle.

"While ranchers were able to save their herds, the eradication of grazing areas places these families in a potentially catastrophic situation," says Patrick Bray, ACGA executive vice president. "With an annual economic impact of more than $3 billion, what affects ranchers affects us all, particularly in these rural communities already hit hard by the fires."

A contribution of $15 will feed a cow for three days, for example, while $250 will purchase a ton of hay, feeding approximately 60 cows for a day, Bray adds.

Tax-deductible contributions can be made to the ACGA's Arizona Bale-Out Fund, 1401 N. 24th St., Ste. 4, Phoenix, AZ 85008, by stopping by at any branch of Wells Fargo Bank, or by visiting the fund website.

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